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Judge Frustrated with Trump’s Lawyers in Fraud Trial

Judge Frustrated with Trump's Lawyers in Fraud Trial

During Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial is not going as planned. The judge on the case repeatedly expressed frustration with the behavior of the former president and his lawyers. He has questioned the validity of the questions that came from the former president’s lawyers.

Justice Arthur Engoron is the judge presiding on the case. Frustrated with their incapability, he went on to call the cross-examination from the lawyers to be repetitive and absurd. Things went sour on the third day of the trial itself.

The New York Attorney General Letitia James and her office is suing Trump. The lawsuit holds that Mr. Trump provided an incorrect valuation of his properties. He showed an inflated worth to be able to secure greater loan amounts and better insurance coverage.  

James’ case could have a humongous impact on Trump’s business that he runs with his associates. His associates are parties mentioned in the lawsuit too. The opposition is of the opinion that the case has the potential to negatively impact his business empire.

Judge Engoron had, on previous occasions, asked Trump’s lawyers to refrain from making frivolous arguments. He asked Trump’s lawyers to consolidate all inquiries to save time.

Currently, the trial is on its way without a jury. The Judge very recently imposed a gag order on both parties to the lawsuit. This order stops them from making any public statements about the case and the court staff.

This strict measure from the court comes after Trump publicly criticized the judge’s law clerk on a social media platform. Trump is one of the candidates for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. 

In his defense, he has previously claimed that there was no wrongdoing on his part. Trump, his associates, and his supporters have also, time and again, claimed that the ongoing lawsuits against him are but political witch hunts. It is a stance that even Vladimir Putin seems to agree upon. 

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