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Israeli Forces Advance in Gaza City Amid Rising Humanitarian Crisis

Israeli Forces Advance in Gaza City Amid Rising Humanitarian Crisis

Israeli forces are entering further deeper into the areas of the disputed Gaza City. These advances are apparently a manifestation of their assault on the Palestinian Militant organization, Hamas. 

The militant group seems to be based out of the northern parts of the Gaza Strip. 

Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, delivered an official statement on the matter on Thursday. 

He claimed that the Israeli forces faced considerable resistance from the Hamas. Resistance was apparently in the form of hit-and-run attacks. The militants carried out these attacks from tunnels in Gaza underground.

Over the course of nearly four weeks, forces of the Israeli military have carried out air and artillery strikes. The blockaded enclave of Gaza has been the only target. 

Reports say that these strikes have led to the Palestinian death toll exceeding 9,000. Heath authorities in Gaza have confirmed the numbers, too. 

The Gaza Strip’s northern population center has been the focal point of Israeli attacks. It seems to be a part of their strategy to try and take down the command structure of the militant group. The government is trying to encourage civilians to move south. 

“We’re currently in the midst of intense combat. We’ve achieved significant successes and have advanced beyond the outskirts of Gaza City,” stated Netanyahu without providing additional specifics.

The Lieutenant-General, who is the Israel military’s top commander, Mr. Herzi Halevi, delivered a televised address”.

He stated, “Our troops are currently engaged in a ground mission within the northern Gaza Strip.” 

Brigadier General Iddo Mizrahi leads Israel’s military engineers. He mentioned that their forces were initially focused on clearing pathways in Gaza but were encountering explosive devices and traps.

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