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Israeli Airstrike Hits Gaza’s Refugee Camp, Kills Hamas Commander

Israeli Airstrike Hits Gaza's Refugee Camp, Kills Hamas Commander

It has happened again. Violence has a way of finding Israel and Gaza, it seems. Israel has launched another set of strikes. They have hit Gaza’s Refugee camp, which was densely populated. The air strike has killed at least 50 Palestinians and the commander of Hamas, Gaza’s militant organization. 

This sad state of events took place when medics were struggling to treat the casualties in Gaza. Basic amenities, food, and fuel are all running low in the disputed territory of Gaza right now. 

Weeks of bombardment through air strikes went on after the Palestinian militant organization attacked on the 7th of October. Tanks from the Israeli forces have been active in Gaza for the past four days. As of now, the Hamas militants still have more than a hundred hostages.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that a fighter jet strike in Gaza’s Jabalia region, the largest refugee camp, targeted and killed Ibrahim Biari. Biari was a Hamas commander. The Israeli officials considered him to be a prime figure in the planning and executions of the Oct 7 attack. The attack also resulted in the collapse of the underground tunnel complex. 

The collapse led to multiple casualties among dozens of Hamas combatants. According to IDF spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, the presence of these combatants in the tunnel led to collateral damage. There were non-combatant casualties as a result of the collapse, which they are investigating.

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