Homeland Security Claims That Some Immigrants Are Trying to Fool the US Asylum System

Homeland Security Claims That Some Immigrants Are Trying to Fool the US Asylum System

On Tuesday, at a distinct press conference, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that some migrants who are trying to enter the US through the American-Mexican border, think it is a sort of game. They made an echoing statement about this, claiming that Republicans are somewhat right to detain these immigrants.  

He said that some of the immigrants actually think that it’s a sort of game that is being played. However, he also mentions that this does not adhere to all migrants, but a selected few. They even assured me that they’re going to look into it accordingly.  

Mayorkas also exclaimed that the Biden administration has nothing to do with this and this has been the prevailing situation in the US through the beginning of time.  

Mayorkas even commented on the response about how some Americans even expressed that US officials have even seen disturbances in the Southern border as well. This apprehension has been going on for the past three years. They exclaim that immigration has been President Biden’s worst-polling issue and raises one of the most major concerns.  

For years, Republicans have been rebuked for their hostile behavior towards the migrants. Now, it’s somewhat true that they’re trying to trick Homeland Security into the country.  

While speaking of the asylum system of the US, it should be remembered as well that Mayorkas has been in conversations with Biden about improving the asylum. Biden is looking into the matters to quickly qualify any claims for protection and deport those who don’t.

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