The Hidden Motive of the Republicans Allowing Non-Citizen Voting

The Hidden Motive of the Republicans Allowing Non-Citizen Voting

Right to vote- these three words are the principles on which any country’s democracy is built upon. However, there has been new research on this that states how this principle would hinge onto reaping benefits for certain parties.  

Getting the non-citizens to vote is one of the major hot topics that are right now in talks. It’s an extremely debatable topic that allows noncitizens to vote in local elections. This threatened the overall integrity level in the national-level elections.  

The supporters, in this case, advocate this as the appropriate upholding according to the democratic representation. The Political Scientist Hannah Alarian even suggests that US voters are more likely to grant the privilege to non-citizens to vote locally if it benefits their own party affiliations. However, if both Democrats and Republican voters oppose any sort of non-citizen vote, then in that case, they are likely to vote for some other party.  

Hannah has primarily talked about non-citizen participation in just the case of local elections and not at the national level. She even exclaimed that she would like to know more about the fact of why the public might even support extending voting rights and ban it in something else.  

These efforts to refranchise the non-citizens would help them and bring them a proper sense of belonging, which is crucial now. Hannah even brings up the nature of history in this context to support her hypothesis. She said during the 1920s non-citizens could vote at local and national levels. She even argues that instead of going forward we are going backward in time.

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