Harvard and UCLA Face Protests Amid Graduation Celebrations

Harvard and UCLA Face Protests Amid Graduation Celebrations

Harvard College and UCLA have received protests during their graduation ceremonies. At the graduation ceremony at Harvard, hundreds of students walked out of the hall in protest, and UCLA students sat in protest. There was an outbreak of protests at Harvard College, which was mainly triggered by the way the institution had dealt with cases of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, and the issue of lack of a clear and openly discernible procedure for dealing with such cases.  

Frustrated students carried banners and began to protest for justice with the hashtag ‘No Red Pants,’ indicating that the University has failed to respond and help the victims and families of the sexual assault cases. At the same time, the students at the University of California, Los Angeles, had organized a sit-in to express dissatisfaction with how the University dealt with sexual harassment and sexual assault accusations.  

It was led by the UCLA Students for Sexual Respect group, which has been demanding a change in UCLA policies and procedures. This has been the backdrop of the group calling for more support for sexual violence victims and a more open investigation process into such complaints. The protests are a reminder that despite the progress toward a better understanding of sexual misconduct and the new drive for accountability and transparency in higher education institutions, more work must be done.  

Organized walkouts or sit-ins have been held at the two schools due to alleged mismanagement of such cases that have led to the victimization of the accused and outright discrimination of their clients. It also rejects the need for fostering a safe and supportive atmosphere for all students with a specific focus on the MAs Spot victims of sexual misconduct. Given that universities are institutions of higher learning, they must concern themselves with these issues and act accordingly to protect their students’ lives.

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