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Hamas Chief’s Says Possibility Of Near Truce Agreement With Israel

Hamas Chief's Says Possibility Of Near Truce Agreement With Israel

Hamas militant group’s chief has told the Reuters news agency that there is a possibility of a truce. On Tuesday, the militant group of Palestine has claimed that there could be a near-truce agreement with the Israeli government.

This major development took place as the deadly attacks on Gaza continued. Rockets were still fired into the Israeli mainland.

Hamas officials said that they were “close to reaching a truce agreement” with the neighboring Israel. The group has even delivered their response to the Qatari mediators. Ismail Haniyeh has said this in his statement to the Reuters media house. They sent the statement to the media house through an aide.

Additionally, this statement delivered no further details. However, a Hamas official has discussed some more details with the Al Jazeera TV media house.

He said that these negotiations were basically on how long this truce could last. Additionally, there were also talks about the arrangement for aid delivery into the troubled region of Gaza.

The exchange of hostages of Israel’s citizens for Palestinian prisoners was also up for discussion,

Both sides are talking about freeing the women and children. Qatar government will give more details of this exchange. They will also continue to mediate in the negotiations between Israel and Palestine

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