Governor In Ohio Vetos Ban On Transgender’s Participation In Sports

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Governor In Ohio Vetos Ban On Transgender’s Participation In Sports

2 Mins Read January, 01 2024 Posted by Nilanjana Basu

Recently it has been noted that the Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, has vetoed a bill that aims to ban gender-affirming care for youth who are transgenders. Along with banning the participation of transgender individuals from competing in sports competitions. 

The bill, which has been passed in a state that has a majority of Republicans within their state, has sought to prohibit medical professionals from performing gender reassignment surgery. Along with stopping the prescription of puberty-blocking drugs to assist minors with the transition of their genders. 

The bill is also supposed to prohibit school districts, public universities, and private colleges that participate in national athletics competitions from qualifying trans women to participate in sports for women.

DeWine, a staunch Republican, announced his veto at a news conference on Friday morning. He has stated that he has visited various children’s hospitals and had a word with parents and transgender children to assist in making informed decisions from his side. 

DeWine, has stated, “Parents have seen dead in my eyes and have expressed that gender-reaffirming treatments will make their child dead.” The Ohio governor has also stated that he is banning such transgender agendas for ultimately protecting the American youth. 

Ohio has a supermajority of Republicans in the state’s legislature and has the capacity to override the veto of their governor. The divisive matter regarding gender-affirming care for trans youth has become a mainstay for the Republicans. Lawmakers around the United States have been introducing bills for the purpose of banning children from receiving gender-affirming care. Such bans have already been passed in 22 states across the US. 

Regarding this matter, courts have also been divided on legal challenges for such bans. Most district-level courts have considered blocking these bans. Moreover, appeal courts have also showcased their siding with the states.

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