Former SpaceX Engineer Files Lawsuit Alleging Pay Discrimination

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Former SpaceX Engineer Files Lawsuit Alleging Pay Discrimination

2 Mins Read October, 10 2023 Posted by Nilanjana Basu

Ashley Foltz worked as an engineer at SpaceX. Recently, she has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit in the state of California. The lawsuit claims that SpaceX practices discriminatory practices against women as well as minorities. Apparently, they pay women and minorities less than white males.  

Foltz, the former engineer, claims that SpaceX used to pay her $92,000 per year.  However, men who had similar roles, qualifications, and responsibilities on the job made up to $115,000 per year.

This incident, if true, will be in direct contradiction of the state laws. Under California law, employers cannot legally pay employees less than ones who have a “substantially similar work” role. This law extends to discrimination of pay based on their gender, race, or ethnicity.

Ashley Foltz has narrated the incident on how she found out about the pay gap. SpaceX had posted about new job openings for engineering positions. The post stated a salary range of $95,000 to $115,000.

Recently, a California law was passed that requires employers to discuss and disclose the salary ranges when they list for job postings.

Foltz states that SpaceX only hires women and minorities for jobs on the lower level. This allows them to justify the lower salaries. She further claims that the company also promotes men and white employees more than women and minorities. This is another contributing factor to pay gaps.

As of now, we were not able to secure a response from SpaceX on the matter.

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