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Former NYPD Officer Gets Sentenced To Prison For Jan 6 Capitol Riot

NYPD Officer Gets Sentenced To Prison

Mr. Thomas Webster, an ex-NYPD Officer was charged with a number of felonies for assaulting police officials in the January 6th riot that took place in the Capitol of the United States.

These charges have led to a conviction which resulted in Mr. Webster being sentenced to 10 years in prison. 

Mr. Webster was accused of attacking a police officer with a flagpole while the attack on the US Capitol went about on the 6th of January. 

The attack took place after Mr. Donald Trump, the then-outgoing President called on a mob to attack the Capitol despite having complete knowledge that there was no election fraud. 

Mr. Webster was found guilty in May, of the crimes committed by him in the said riot. 

Justice Amit Mehta, who serves as a US District Judge sentenced Mr. Webster to 10 years in prison stating that he is not a bad person. The 10-year-long prison sentence is to be accompanied by three years of supervision once he is out. 

Justice Mehta remarked that Mr. Webster was just caught in a moment but that moment was going to have consequences. 

A mob out of which about 250 people have been punished so far had made an attempt to infiltrate the US Capitol to stop the newly elected Mr. Joseph Biden from taking office as the President of the United States. 

The NYPD Veteran, Mr. Webster had argued that his assault came as an act of defense against a cop who seemed to have gone rogue. 

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