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Let’s face it, we all have grown up learning something from TV shows and movies. From knowing about others’ cultures to scientific reasoning, and basic norms to ethics, there is a long list of content-coated things that entertainment has taught us.

But now that you have grown up and built an interest in law and order, it is important to watch content that will bode well for you, especially when you are thinking of choosing law as a career. No need to worry. Here, in the article, you will find some valuable suggestions if you are planning to watch some content based on law.

But here is the thing, before you hop on the list of movies, make sure you have got your prep done well in advance. From popcorn to ice cream and crackers to munch, you should get yourself ready for a suspense-filled ride.

Also, don’t forget to check your internet connection and pay your bills so that it does not cut off in the middle of the movie. And if your internet is incredibly slow, you must change it right away. And trust me, the feeling of giving up on your old internet will be relieving.

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1. My Cousin Vinny

The movie, released in 1992, is about two New Yorkers, Bill Gambinni, and Stan Rothenstein, who are accused and arrested for murder while traveling back to college in rural Alabama. Once they are put on trial, their case is handled by Bill’s cousin, Vincent ‘Vinny’ Gambinni.

Their fate thus rests in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer, who has just passed bar exams. The movie shows how the inexperienced lawyer battles it out and finds the truth behind the incident. It also shows his missteps and how his fiancé helps him throughout the process.

2. Inventing Anna

The Netflix show that remained trending for quite a good period of time, Inventing Anna, is based on reality. While the real Anna Sorokin accused the show of maligning her image and distorting reality, Netflix openly says that the start of every episode is based on fiction.

The show is about Anna, a con artist, who pretends to be a German Heiress and goes on scamming people and even banks to pay for her luxurious living. The show does not have anything specifically about the lawyers, but a journalist, who does, all in her capacity, to find out the truth by joining the dots.

The show is engaging, entertaining, and on top of that, it keeps you on the edge. So, if you are interested in finding out about Anna and how she tricked everyone in her acquaintance, then you have got to watch this fascinating show.

3. The Paper Chase

The Paper Chase is actually a Novel written by John Jay Osborn Jr in 1977. This book is highly recommended to students before joining law school. But, if by any chance, you did not happen to read this book, you may watch the film based on it.

This film is about a Harvard law school student, James Hart. It is about his tough journey in the school as he bears the school’s dreaded contract professor. To make things more complicated for himself, he starts dating the professor’s daughter.

To discover if he succeeds in school, in his relationship, and in the eyes of the professor, you will have to watch the film.

4. 12 Angry Men

This film is about a jury of 12 men who deliberately acquit a teenager who was charged with a murder case with reasonable doubt. The jurors struggle to make their fellow jurors reconsider their evidence and force them to question their morals and ethics. This is a reminder for all practicing law to be honest with their profession.

5. The Client

Packed with stellar performances, The Client is a film that focuses on dependent law. The film is about a boy who is badly stuck in the legal process. He had witnessed a lawyer’s murder; therefore, he holds critical information.

This, as a result, jeopardizes his life, as he has to encounter intelligence, the mafia, and the FBI. The good thing about this film is that it highlights the misuse of legal authorities for manipulation and pressurizing.

Closing Remarks

Whether you are a lawyer, planning to become one, or just interested in watching films and shows about law, then you must watch the titles that we have listed for you in the article.

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