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Federal Judge Rejects Trump’s Request Over Bias Claims

Federal Judge Rejects Trump's Request Over Bias Claims

In a recent turn of events, a federal judge has issued an order that rejects the Former President’s request. The former POTUS, Mr. Donald Trump, had made a request claiming that the judge should step down from his case. 

Trump was earlier the subject of a long investigation which has now turned into a federal case. The case against him is for illegally attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. Trump and his lawyers have argued that the federal judge is biased in decisions on the case against him. 

Tanya Chutkan is the U.S. District Judge in question. She is a judge in a federal court in Washington. She had made remarks earlier in court while trying and sentencing people who stormed the Capitol. Two members of the white all-male extremist group, Proud Boys were convicted of storming the Capitol. 

These were some of the most violent Trump supporters who even charged at federal security during the raid. Mr. Donald Trump has questioned Chutkan’s comments on these occasions. 

During two such hearings, he has presented Judge Chutkan’s comments as evidence. Trump, his supporters, and his attorneys are of the notion that the judge has already made decisions about the case. 

According to them, the judge already thinks that Trump has criminal responsibility, and this is preventing the judge’s capacity to be neutral.

While delivering the rulings, Judge Chutkan stated that Trump supporters in the raid had “blind loyalty to one person who, by the way, remains free to this day.”

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