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Is Donald Trump Testing Everyone’s Patience?

Is Donald Trump Testing Everyone's Patience

The Ex-POTUS, Mr. Donald John Trump, seems to be testing the patience of his legal team, the Judiciary of the United States, and also a huge part of the American population it seems.

He seems to be passing on various comments about prosecutors, judges, and other witnesses involved in the criminal charges against him.

He has already discouraged Mike Pence from being a key witness in a federal election fraud charge that he is being tried for. He has also encouraged G. Duncan, a farmer Lieutenant government of the state of Georgia, to testify against him in a grand jury that was held in Fulton County.

Trump has not lost his spirit somehow. He is proved to be quite the Liam Neeson by delivering statements like “if you go after me, I am coming after you.” – quite intimidating right?

That being said, his legal troubles know no bound. Currently, he is facing charges of election fraud and also for the classified documents that were retrieved from his million-dollar estate at Mar-a-Lago. His courage is commendable as he continues to fight for his place in the 2024 presidential election despite these charges against him.

The judges that are overseeing the cases against Trump can make use of warnings, fines, incarceration, and even gag orders to keep his behavior in check.

“I caution you and your client to take special care in your public statements about this case”- a district judge dealing with Trump’s election fraud case in Washington DC has very recently delivered the statement.

Judge Tanya Chutkan has stated that Mr. Donald Trump will have to yield some of his first amendment rights to protect the witnesses in this case from any potential taint. Recently a Trump supporter was also arrested after threatening to kill Judge Chutkan. Safe to say that things seem to be taking a questionable turn before the 2024 Presidential election in the United States of America!

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