California Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Caste Discrimination in Historic Decision

California Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Caste Discrimination in Historic Decision

Governor Newsom of California has used his veto power to block a bill that would have made California the first state in the U. S to outlaw caste-based discrimination.  

The veto of the bill has given rise to diverse opinions in the Indian American community: the supporters who view the veto as the loss of the fight against caste discrimination and the opponents who, for instance, the Hindu groups, were content because the bill was unnecessary and could have resulted in some unforeseen issues.  

The bill was proposed to protect Dalits of South Asian origin mostly from discrimination in different fields. Even though the law was strongly supported, and it had a 31-5 vote in favor of it, Newsom stated it was “unnecessary” because the already existent laws that prohibit discrimination on various characteristics such as ancestry were there.  

The veto is taking place when there is a strong campaign to deal with caste discrimination in the U. S., and it has already happened in Seattle, where they declared caste discrimination a ban earlier this year.  

Despite this, the problem of caste discrimination remains a global and U. S. problem that is being debated and faced. 

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