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Brazil Potash Corp Claims Mura Indigenous Support for Amazon Mine

Brazil Potash Corp Claims Mura Indigenous Support for Amazon Mine

Brazil Potash Corp is a Canadian firm that plans to build Latin America’s largest fertilizer mine in the Amazon rainforest. The firm claims that a group of the local Indigenous people of the rainforests have apparently agreed to the proposal. 

The Mura have lived there indigenously for decades if not centuries. However, federal prosecutors are of the opinion that their community is still divided on whether or not to give in to the claims. This shows that there is still uncertainty on this venture.

The Brazil Potash Corp has talked about having complete support on the project on Tuesday. It was just a day after the meeting between the company executives, the Mura leaders, the local politicians, and Governor Wilson Lima took place. The governor stands in support of the mine because it brings investment and jobs to Amazonas state.

While delivering an official statement, the company said, “This is a major milestone achievement in the project’s development as it clearly demonstrates respect for the Mura’s wishes.” The company representatives later stated that it had completed all consultations with the Indigenous community.

 Federal prosecutors from the Manaus hold that support from the indigenous community was unanimous in nature. 

They presented a letter that they claimed was from the Mura village. The letter stated that the community leaders were being tricked into signing minutes from the meeting. These minutes had apparently been tampered with and construed to get the community’s approval.

“There is no unanimity among the Mura regarding the mining project,” the prosecutors said. 

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