Biden and Trump’s Contrasting Visions for America in 2024

Biden and Trump's Contrasting Visions for America in 2024

With the 2024 U. S. presidential election nearing, the stark differences between the policy positions of the current president, Joe Biden, and his Republican rival, former president Donald Trump, are now clearer than ever before.  

Biden’s campaign draws attention to the achievements of his administration, such as the creation of 15 million new jobs, the expansion of health insurance coverage, and the enactment of major climate action.  

On the contrary, Trump has declared that he will resume his former plans of lower taxes and fewer regulations; at the same time, he has been accusing Biden’s plans of raising inflation. In the realm of the economy, Biden’s “Bidenomics” plan emphasizes the investment of infrastructure, manufacturing, and clean energy to rebuild the economy; in contrast, he is planning to prolong his 2017 tax cuts and impose tariffs on imports.  

The two candidates also have different opinions on healthcare; for instance, Biden is trying to bring down prescription drug costs and protect the Affordable Care Act, while Trump has promised to get rid of the law and introduce a new one, which is unspecified. In the realm of foreign policy, Biden has advised Congress to keep financing Ukraine, and he remains a supporter of Israel.  

Trump, who had earlier intimated to the Russian president that they should “invite” the NATO members to act against them, has since changed his tone. At first, Biden promised a more compassionate strategy on immigration but soon changed to a more rigid policy depending on the increase in the number of illegal border crossings.  

Trump strongly announced his determination to bring back his border policies and fight against the Mexican drug cartels. The campaign season is getting hot, and then the voters will have to decide between two different visions for America’s future. The Biden team thinks that a good ground game and famous policies will get the voters’ support, while  

Trump will have difficulties with the legal tasks and the distractions that are still around. In the end, the 2024 election might be all about which candidate can most efficiently activate his or her base and persuadable voters. 

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