Where Do Biden and Trump Stand on Key Issues in 2024 Elections?

Where Do Biden and Trump Stand on Key Issues in 2024 Elections

By the end of this year, the American voters would make a choice between Biden and Trump and reinstate them to the White House. However, as the party ideologies are different, both Trump and Biden have different ways to sway votes on their sides.  

On one hand, Biden has some ironclad economic policies which he derived from Bidenomics where he aims to build the economy from the bottom up. He stands for investing in infrastructure, clean energy, and wholeheartedly expanding all kinds of job opportunities.  

However, on the other hand, Trump keeps on blaming Biden for his “big spending” that has caused inflation. Trump says that he would impose an agenda about how fewer regulations and lower taxes can turn the economy upside down. He also aims to replace Jerome Powell as he has become “too political” in his opinion.  

In the case of immigration, President Biden goes for a much more human approach and even suspended and revoked many Trump-era border policies. They also helped in refuging the admission cap and expanding the overall humanitarian parole.  

On the other hand, Trump is aggressive enough to kill that bill and even claims that the future of the bills won’t go far enough. He even promised that if he gets re-elected, he will seal the border and carry out the “largest deportation taking place in the history of the US”.  

In the stance on abortion, President Biden wants to make abortion a constitutional right for women. Where several areas are restricting access to abortion, he assures to restore those rights.  

On the other hand, Trump says that he would give the liberty to the states to determine their own laws about abortion. He declined to show any support from the national legislation in this matter. 

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