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Attorney General Of California Sues Local School Over Anti-Lgbtq+ Policy

Attorney General Of California Sues Local School Over Anti-Lgbtq+ Policy

California’s Attorney General sued a local school to block a new policy. The policy facilitates the outing of the transgender community in schools. This incident took place on Monday, the 28th of August. 

Why Was The Lawsuit Filed?

The lawsuit blocks a new policy started by the school board. It states the requirement for teachers of schools to notify parents if their children identify as transgender. This policy also requires teachers to report when the child uses a name or a pronoun differing from those in their birth certificate. 

The San Bernadino County Superior Court

Attorney General Rob Bonta has fired the San Bernadino County Superior Court lawsuit. This lawsuit is against the policy of the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education. The policy was approved in July, infringing on the rights of LGBTQ+ students. 

The policy is a form of forced outing of the individuals. This policy is wrong because it would endanger students’ emotional, physical, and mental well-being. These students have yet to conform and lack an accepting environment. 

What Does The Board?

The Attorney General, Mr. Bonta, is a Democrat. A spokesperson for the School district has replied to the lawsuit. They are working with their legal counsel to review the suit and its contents.

This lawsuit came after many schools in the conservative neighborhoods of the Democratic-majority State Of California urged these parental disclosure policies. This disclosure policy to the parents goes against equal protection rights against unlawful discrimination.

Final Word!

The Democrats hold that this policy infringes on the students’ constitutional right to privacy. It forcefully outs them when they are not ready. The president of the school board is Sonja Shaw. She stated that this decision gives all parents the right to be involved in their children’s upbringing.

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