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Are Democrats Playing A Trick On Trump?

Are Democrats Playing A Trick On Trump?

Seven criminal charges and civil lawsuits- that isn’t all that the former President of the United States is battling. 

A Republican candidate for the presidential elections of 2024, Mr. Donald Trump, is also fighting a legal campaign that wants to keep him off the State ballots completely. 

Democrats and other left-leaning bodies are all set to present lawsuits and petitions against Mr. Trump. The lawsuits are designed to keep Donald Trump from accessing the ballet. 

Jan 6 Riots

These organizations are taking their attempts after Donald Trump and his supporters tried to overthrow the 2020 elections. He is facing RICO charges for the Jan 6 riots of 2021. 

The left-leaning bodies registered the lawsuit on Wednesday. The people who filed the Colorado lawsuit state that “Trump violated his oath and disqualified himself under the 14th amendment from holding public office, including the office of the President.”

Washington’s citizens for responsibility and ethics are the main people responsible for this lawsuit against Mr. Donald Trump. 

What Does Trump Have To Say About His Activities?

Donald Trump is facing Federal charges in Washington DC and criminal trials in Atlanta for his 2020 election activity. He has described it all as an extension of 2024 Presidential election politics from his enemies. 

Can They Really Stop Trump From Taking Part In The Elections? 

Some political experts are skeptical and say that the 14th Amendment does not apply to this case. They think that it will not be an issue unless Trump gets charges of insurrection against him.

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