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Anti-Abortion Stance A Blessing For Democrats

Anti-Abortion Stance

Many Democrats are of the opinion that most of the US states banning abortion might actually work in favor of the Democrats. Wondering how that is possible? Here’s why.

While most Democratic supporters or candidates have publicly spoken out against the newly imposed ban which declares all abortion procedures post twenty weeks into pregnancy were unconstitutional and punishable by law.

But a section of the party holds that this might just be their winning strike in the coming elections. They are of the opinion that citizens, especially ones who can bear children–women, are suffering greatly due to the vast implications of the abortion bans throughout the country

This could lead them to think about the pro-abortion care approaches taken by other parties, that is, the democrats.

Democrats, for whom the upcoming elections were not looking good, now have a greater opportunity at scoring against the Republicans due to the protests and pro-human rights perspective taken by the Democratic party led by Joe Biden.

Mr. Morgan Jackson, who serves as a consultant to a lot of big Democratic figures has held that the anti-abortion stance along with a lot of trigger bans have set back the progress of women by a lot of years.

This might seriously be something that a citizen might consider before3 casting their vote for the Republicans. 

Biden has recently been on the news due to his Inflation reduction policy taken to target healthcare prices, corporate taxes, and most importantly the environment(climate change).

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