Alabama’s Single Black-Majority Voting District! Maps Redrawn. Alabama Objects.

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Alabama’s Single Black-Majority Voting District! Maps Redrawn. Alabama Objects

2 Mins Read September, 09 2023 Posted by Nilanjana Basu

A Lower court in Alabama recently published the state’s newly drawn congressional map. However, the Government of Alabama disagrees.

Alabama government has, in return, requested the Supreme Court to freeze the ruling. This request came on a Monday. The Honorable Supreme Court had also issued its opinion on the matter just three months ago. Experts are saying that this request is filed in clear defiance of the Supreme Court opinion.

The new filing was made to Justice Clarence Thomas. He Overseas emergency matters arising from that part of the United States.

State officials from Alabama are asking the high court to stop the Lower court ruling from taking effect by the 1st of October 2023.

However, the officials are willing to wait till October 3 for the free order to take effect. This is when another lower court proceeding will be taking place. This one will deal with another map to replace the state-drawn congressional.

This dispute has its origins in the state elections. An earlier version of the congressional map had only one majority Black district in a state. That, too, the district had only a 27% Black population (clearly not a majority).

Back in June, the Supreme Court passed a decision on how Alabama had downplayed the power of Black voters due to the defective map.

The bench of Judges delivering the decision has a 5-4 opinion majority, which is clearly a divided one.

This bench of judges consisted of conservative judges, Chief Justice John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh, and three liberal justices.

Chief Justice Roberts had passed an earlier ruling through a three-judge district court. It ordered the state to redraw the congressional map to include another Black-majority district. They could do  “something quite close to it.”- he said.

Alabama produced a new map in July. This posed an immediate legal challenge because the state was not willing to create a second black-majority district.

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