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What Does Adjudication Withheld Mean in A Traffic Citation?

Adjudication Withheld Mean in A Traffic Citation

The term adjudication withheld has been used in so many cases in the past especially when it comes to court proceedings. However, a good number of people still do not have a proper idea of what this is and how it works. For instance, when it comes to traffic citations and other such offenses, people are always sentenced to an adjudication withheld which appears to be a reprieve to them compared to having to go to prison.

However, this does not change the fact that some people still do not understand what adjudication is withheld or how it even applies. As such, it is only right that a proper analysis about this matter comes up to help those people who do not understand what this is to get an idea of it.

That said, the purpose of this text is to help enlighten you further on what adjudication is withheld and how it applies in some areas. For instance, if you have a traffic citation, you will be able to understand what adjudication is withheld and why you might need it in some cases.

What Is Adjudication Withheld? 

Adjudication Withheld

Before looking at what adjudication withheld traffic citation is, you might want to know what adjudication withheld is in the first place. This way, you will be able to understand how this kind of sentence applies to a traffic citation.

An adjudication withheld is a legal fiction that allows a court in a criminal proceeding to find the defendant to have committed an offense. However, the only difference, in this case, is that the court does not make a formal conviction at the end of the day.

In adjudication withheld, the defendant is sometimes allowed to serve his or her own sentence on probation. For instance, if you are sentenced to 10 years and put on adjudication withheld you will be allowed to serve that sentence out of prison. However, that is not to say that the defendant is completely free when put on adjudication withheld.

An Adjudication Withheld Comes With Stringent Conditions 

One thing about the adjudication withheld is that it comes with some of the most stringent conditions you will ever find anywhere. That is not all, if you are found breaking some of these conditions then you might find yourself having to go back to prison.

Any probation depending on how it is mated on one will come with some conditions of its own. If you are found breaking these conditions then you risk having your probation sentence canceled. When this happens then you will have to go to prison and finish up your time.

Depending on the amount of time that you will have served on probation, you will still go to prison for whatever period of time you will have been sentenced. There are many conditions under which such things might happen which the defendant might have to look out for.

Is Adjudication Withheld Delivered In All Cases? 

This is also one of the questions people have been asking about the adjudication withheld. Some people seek to know whether this sentence applies to all cases or some few which are selected. The answer to this question is a simple one and is no, not all of them.  

For instance, there are some cases that include a murder felony that cannot be granted an adjudication withheld. There are many others which include treason and others where this privilege might not be granted. Depending on whatever state one comes from, it is important to look at what the laws of that state say about the adjudication withheld issue.

What Is A Traffic Citation? 

Traffic Citation

To understand what adjudication withheld means in a traffic citation you need to start by understanding what a traffic citation itself is first. Once you do, you will then be able to understand other things or rather factors in this regard are.

A citation or traffic citation in this case simply means a notice one receives from a law enforcement officer. This notice or citation details the offense committed by the defendant which could be overspeeding or any other form of an offense as committed. You only get this ticket if you are found disregarding the traffic laws.

The ticket in this case is proof of the kind of violation you committed and sometimes might also include information on how to rectify the offense. In some other cases, you might be required to pay a fine, or if not then you might even have to appear in a court of law.

Adjudication Withheld And Traffic Citation 

Some people have been wondering what connection exists between a citation and an adjudication withheld. From the text above, you can clearly see and even understand what a traffic citation and an adjudication withheld is as well. Given that one is an outcome out-of-court session and the other one is an offense notification, it is easy to combine these two.

When you are given an adjudication withheld for a traffic citation then it simply means that you have been found guilty of the said offense but do not face any charges. You might then be released to go on with your life as normal without any problem. However, you need to understand that such an outcome will come with its own conditions as well.

For instance, you might be required to drive in a certain way or be advised on how best to rectify the offense you committed. At the end of the day, you will still be allowed to carry on with your driving without any sort of problems but only under conditions.


If you have been asking yourself what does adjudication withheld means in a traffic citation then consider reading the text above. From the text, you are going to find all the essential information you might in this regard and other details about the same as well.

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