Idaho Seeks to Revive the Abortion Trafficking Laws

Idaho Seeks to Revive the Abortion Trafficking Laws

The landmark case of Rue v. Wade presented in the Supreme Court overturned the landmark ruling of 1973 that made the right to abortion legal worldwide. However, this is not the only thing one is fighting for.

Currently, Idaho has banned almost all abortions except the one where it’s important to save the mother’s life or children that are born as a product of rape or incest. These should be first reported to the police and then aborted.

On the other hand, Washington, Montana, and Oregon, which borders the state, allow these kinds of abortions. Hence, many residents from Idaho are fleeing across the state borders without their parent’s consent to seek an abortion.

For this accord, a lawyer in the state of Idaho gas urged federal appeals about reviving the 2023 state law of making it a crime for minors to cross state lines for an abortion without their parent’s consent. This was a prior decision made in the lower court in November.

The Deputy Solicitor of Idaho, General Joshua Turner told the three-panel judge of the US Circuit Court of Seattle that this is a narrow law and, in a way, unobjectionable.

However, a federal judge in Boise blocked enforcing this law in November. She overturned this as there was a lawsuit brought together by Lourdes Matsumoto who advocates for victims of sexual violence. They even argued in this case that this enforcement is blocking the right to free speech under the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

These laws might seem intrusive in a way causing hindrance to people’s lives, but they play a crucial role in the lives of minors. It reduces trafficking risks and gives them a sense of awareness about taking care of their health.

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