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Abortion In Iowa To Stay Legal As Courts Refuse To Revive Ban

Abortion In Iowa To Stay Legal

Iowa’s highest court has stated that it will not revive the ban on abortion that was set in the year 2018. 

This means that abortion will remain legal in the state for upto 20 weeks of pregnancy from now on. 

One of the courts in Iowa, with the inclusion of seven justices, did not participate in this reason for unspecified reasons. And the remaining justices ruled over a 3-3 judgment. 

This automatically led the court to overrule the 2019 rule that aimed to block the occurrence of abortion in the state. 

The Republican governor, Kim Reynolds, has asked the court to dissolve the order. This was derived from the lawsuit regarding ‘Planned Parenthood.’ Arguing that the law violates the right to privacy as stated in the US Constitution. 

This has been before the overturning of the Roe v. Wade decision in the year 2022. 

The President of Planned Parenthood, Alexis McGill Johnson, stated this ruling would benefit thousands of Iowans seeking the benefit of care within the state that goes beyond the life-saving treatments provided by the state. 

On the other hand, Chris Schandevel, the attorney for the governor of Iowa, has stated that many Iowans will be disappointed by the ruling of the court. 

The governor’s lawyer has also been observed urging the court to impose a ban on abortion by passing a new state legislature. 

Previous Judgment On Iowa’s Abortion Laws 

In the year 2018, Iowa was known to pass a law that banned the occurrence of abortion right after a heartbeat was detected in the fetus. 

This has been around six weeks of the pregnancy. 

However, the law was blocked by the US Supreme Court due to the longstanding ruling of Roe v. Wade of 1973. This guaranteed the right to abortion for all women in the United States. 

However, when the US Supreme Court ruled over the ruling of Roe v. Wade in 2022. This led to the Governor of Iowa reviving the law that was imposed by the state in 2018. 

Although, the trial judges have stated that there is no such legal mechanism that allows in reviving of a banned law. The three justices of the supreme court have agreed with the statement of the judges of Iowa. 

So, it can be stated that the non-revival of the ban on abortion in Iowa stands with the constitutional right of abortion. 

This is a historical ruling that allows women in the state of Iowa to have freedom of reproduction and rights to their own bodies. 

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